Extra Old Brandy

Leone Bianchi

Extra Old from the Leone Bianchi distillery is a rare brandy of excellent quality. Aged for over 15 years in small Slavonian oak barrels, it is characterised by its full, warm taste with a touch of sweetness and a broad complexity of aromatic sensations. With an elegant wooden box and the bottle wrapped in a jute bag, this brandy is perfect to enjoy after dinner, on its own or with dark chocolate, mature cheeses or dry desserts.

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Extra Old brandy – Founder’s Reserve, 15 years

This Extra Old brandy is characterized by a transparent and brilliant brown color. Its aromatic profile is hetero, of great finesse, slightly smoky, with hints of dried fruit, chocolate and vanilla. On the palate, it is warm, harmonious, soft and enveloping, offering a full entry and a significant persistence of taste. Its production process follows traditional methods, using the still with a continuous method, with particular attention to the separation of the “heart” of the distillate from impurities. Aged in Slavonian oak tonneaux, it is an original reserve dating back to 1984, with a perpetual aging method.

Leone Bianchi

Leone Bianchi is a historic producer operating in the ancient Baglio Woodhouse since 1950. Over time, it has continued to evolve to meet the needs of a constantly changing market, while always remaining faithful to its ethical values. Leone Bianchi stands out for its love for Marsala and for its significant contribution to the production of this wine and other fine spirits like brandy. The company has always focused on quality, authenticity and the valorization of the territory, bottling for the first time distillates and excellent liqueurs under the Bianchi brand. In 2006, under the guidance of Claudio, son of Giuseppe, Leone Bianchi starts a new company phase, with the aim of enclosing and transmitting, through a bottle, all the experience accumulated over the years. Among the company’s most representative products, in addition to the Extra Old Brandy, there are the Amaro Segesta, the Grappa del Fondatore “Leone Bianchi” and the GinSale with sea salt from Marsala.

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