Reserve anchovy fillets


Discover Curreri Reserve Anchovy Fillets, versatile and exquisite delicacies, perfect for lovers of blue fish. Sourced from the Mediterranean Sea and aged for at least 24 months, these fillets offer a soft texture and a delicate flavour. Enjoy them on toasted bread with butter, or use them to enhance your fish-based dishes, bringing the quality of the Mediterranean directly to your table.

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Reserve Anchovy Fillets – 24 months of ageing, from the Mediterranean Sea

Curreri Reserve Anchovy Fillets are the result of the multi-generational experience of the Curreri family. This selection of anchovies, caught in the Mediterranean Sea, is preserved in olive oil for a minimum of 24 months, giving the product a soft texture and a meaty, delicate flavour. Ideal for anchovy enthusiasts, these fillets lend themselves to simple preparations that enhance the best organoleptic characteristics of the fish.


Founded in 1995, Curreri is a family-run business with the goal of creating an industrially advanced facility for the processing, preservation, and marketing of blue fish. Using high-quality raw materials, such as fish from the Mediterranean and the Cantabrian Sea and salt from the salt flats of Trapani and Marsala, Curreri stands out for the high quality of its products. The company has a mission: to constantly reduce the environmental impact of its activities. For this reason, for years Curreri has had a photovoltaic system that makes it 100% self-sufficient and zero-impact.

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