Paccheri pasta

Traditional pasta born among the streets of Naples, the Paccheri pasta has found a place in various recipes of local cuisine, in fact, it is easy to find accompanied by a great variety of sauces. Generally produced with durum wheat semolina, the shape of a piece of paccheri looks like a huge maccheroni, making it perfect to be stuffed with your favourite sauce. In Italy, Paccheri may be stuffed with ricotta based sauces or cheese and meat sauce, for a more traditional meal. This pasta owns the name to the ancient greek πας, “all” e χειρ, “hand”, but you may not know that the same word still means “a friendly slap” in Italian nowadays.

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Paccheri Damigella is produced with organic durum wheat, grown in Sicily and chosen among the most ancient wheat, for example Senatore Cappelli, Margherito e Perciasacchi. These wheats are balanced together in order to obtain a pasta high in fiber and good for your health. The flour is stone grounded, so that each part of a single what grain is preserved, turning an ordinary pasta in a nutrient and tasty meal ready for your family. The pleasant texture given by the various wheat makes Paccheri Damigella a cook-proof pasta, perfect to be used in every possible creative way! Each pack of Paccheri Damigella is handily packed, after being dried for 24-36 hours, maintaining all the original fragrance until the last forkful!




Organic durum wheat semolina, water. Gluten content, wheat germ.






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