Red garlic patè

Strongly used in southern italy, this garlic paté is red because of the colour of the garlic itself – red – as the name suggests. Typical element of Sicilian tradition, the garlic paté is used in many ways, for example as appetiser with handmade crostini or on the famous bruschetta bread, becoming the perfect match to your aperitivo. Red Garlic Paté is not only used on bread, in fact you may find a lot of fish based recipes containing this garlic cream to enhance the flavour of the fish or even on pasta. Furthermore, garlic is known to be a powerful anti-inflammatory and able to reinforce the immune system, so why don’t give it a taste?

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The Nubia red garlic paté is produced by Simonte Francesca organic farm, respecting the original identity of the Sicilian territory and keeping an extra eye on each production step, in order to guarantee a first class quality product. In this organic farm, in fact, al the production process is still ruled by the rules of the past maintaining the growing, farming and the processing, as it has always been, generation after generation. Slow Food has also decided to preserve the quality of the red garlic paté announcing back in 2002 the declaration of the garlic cream as a slow food presidium, being recognised as traditional Sicilian product by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, on proposal from the Sicilian Region.




Nubia red garlic, Extra virgin olive oil, White wine vinegar, Salt







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