Cuddrireddri cookies

The Cuddrireddra is a typical sweet from Delia (CL), Sicily. Rounded and simple but full of tradition and essence, it looks like a tiny crown made of flour, eggs, wine, sugar and cinnamon with a little scent of orange and as the legend suggests, this sweet had to be given as tribute to the ladies living within the local medieval castle. The dough is then fried in local olive oil, served as a snack during the Carnival week and is the symbol of an eternal tradition that is passed on generation after generation. Slow food preside, is still today a synonym of quality and family tradition in Sicily, impossible to forget!

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Alaimo & Strazzieri has devoted its production of typical sicilian sweet, delivering all the sicilian taste around Italy. The process of the raw material still follows the most ancient techniques preserving all the taste and aroma of an old forgotten era, reproducing methodically each step of the original recipes. The Laboratory chooses among the best quality ingredients in order to be sure to produce and deliver the best product possible, appealing your senses through the finest sicilian aromas you could ever find!









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