Calamarata pasta


From the union between water and semolina, and the passion for ancient grains, Damigella created the Calamarata, a gritty pasta format. Made from stone-ground and bronze-drawn organic semolina, Calamarata is the perfect format for your fish sauces (such as tuna or swordfish) and pesto pasta dishes.

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Calamarata pasta – Organic and artisanal

Calamarata is a ring-shaped pasta format with a large diameter. Its name comes from its shape, reminiscent of the typical squid rings. The semolina used to make Damigella’s pasta comes from ancient Sicilian grains, grown and processed on the island, giving fragrance and freshness to the finished product. The durum wheat semolina is organic, stone milled, processed with only water, and bronze-drawn to guarantee the porosity of the surface. Calamarata is ideal for vegetable sauces such as pesto alla Genovese and pesto alla Trapanese, as well as tasty Mediterranean fish ragu.


Located in the district of Ragusa, Damigella is a pasta factory, which has dedicated its productions to ancient Sicilian grains. These traditional grain varieties are naturally rich in fiber, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The fibers, present in abundance, help to increase the sense of satiety, lowering blood sugar and cholesterol

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Organic durum wheat semolina, water. Gluten content, wheat germ.






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