Caro Maestro wine - 2015


Inspired by the greatness of the classic Bourdeaux, Cantine Fina’s Caro Maestro is a Sicilian red wine masterpiece. Produced with the three usual grape varieties chosen for the Bourdeaux wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot e Petit Verdot. Aged in barrique along with the French tradition, this wine reaches a rich expressive harmony, maintaining a deep complexity at the taste. The blend of fruity scents enhanced by the wide opening of its bouquet makes the Caro Maestro an important red wine, ideal to be paired with red meat or, more in general, with intense flavors. Milestone for the red wine lovers, this wine is the main expression of territoriality whose inspiration does not affect the final balance, opening as a result in all of its Mediterranean profile. After 24 months in barrique, the blend of hand-harvested grapes becomes dark and as red as a rubin, exploding in a unique scent composition based on aromatic herbs, red fruit jam, and warm spices.

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Fina winery is one of the most known active wineries in the Sicilian area. Author of one of the most interesting revitalizations of our territory, since 2005 the Winery is devoted to the health of their land and the growth of new harvesting areas. Result of love, passion, and dedication, Fina Winery expresses all of its personality by showing a vast amount of winery production, that holds within the best quality of the Island.

As a result of the connection between tradition and innovation, the processing phase for each wine is still inspired by the deepest and ancient harvesting culture, without forgetting the importance of a high-quality result that technology helps unavoidably to achieve. Fina Wine’s production is the essence of the extrovert spirit of western Sicily, which hosts lots of international grape varieties as well, that found a place in one of the most unique territories of the world.

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