Red prawn bisque

Rosso di Mazara

Ambrosia – Red prawn bisque is a gourmet delight that captures the essence of red prawns in a rich and flavorful bisque. Ideal for enhancing a wide range of seafood dishes such as pasta, risottos, soups, and starters.

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Ambrosia – Red prawn bisque

Ambrosia is a red prawn bisque, extracted from the heads of fully mature red prawns. This 100% natural product is characterized by a bold taste, enriched with high-quality olive oil from the Valle del Belice and sea salt from Trapani. The result is a red prawn cream with a coral-red color, a distinct and penetrating aroma, and a mature, velvety flavor with a persistent aftertaste and marine notes at the end.

Rosso di Mazara

Rosso di Mazara, led by Captain Paolo Giacalone and his brother Nicola, is a company rooted in a long history of seafaring and fishing in the Mediterranean. Founded on a family tradition dating back to their grandfather’s return from emigration in the 1930s, the company perpetuates a passion for the sea and fishing, supporting initiatives such as Friend of the Sea for sustainable fishing and the TARTALIFE project for the conservation of the Caretta Caretta sea turtle. Committed to reducing plastic pollution, Rosso di Mazara uses sustainable packaging, excluding the use of harmful sulfites in the treatment of red prawns. The company stands out for integrating traditional Sicilian maritime heritage with innovation and respect for the environment, offering products that tell the story and heritage of the Sicilian sea.

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Gambero Rosso (Aristaeomorpha foliacea pescato con reti da traino nel Mar Mediterraneo Centrale – Mar Ionio Zona FAO 37.2.2) 90%, acqua, olio extravergine d’oliva, sale, pepe. – Antiossidante: E586 4 – Esilresorcinolo.





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