Coriander salt


Sosalt’s coriander salt flower from the Re Sale d’Infersa selection is a high-quality sea salt enriched with coriander, green pepper, garlic, and dried lemon peel. Its unique and sophisticated taste makes it perfect to enrich your fish dishes, adding a touch of Mediterranean aroma and flavor.

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Coriander salt flower, Re Sale d’Infersa – From Mothia, hand-picked

The coriander salt flower is hand-harvested in the salt pans in front of the island of Mothia, thanks to a perfect balance of sea, sun, and wind. The salt forms as a thin and delicate crust on the surface of the seawater as it evaporates, a phenomenon that has been occurring for millennia and is respected and valued by Sosalt. The salt is then enriched with coriander, green pepper, garlic, and dried lemon peel, all high-quality ingredients of the Sicilian tradition, which give the product a unique and unmistakable flavor. The product is presented in an elegant reusable glass jar with a cork cap, which preserves its freshness and quality.


Sosalt is an Italian company with a long history in salt production. Founded in 1922, the company has evolved over time to become one of the leading companies in Europe in salt production. Sosalt’s salt pans extend over about 800 hectares and ensure a production potential of about 100,000 tons. The company is particularly attentive to the natural ecosystem and is committed to optimizing the cultivation and collection of salt without interfering with the environment. Production takes place in the salt pans in front of the island of Mothia, where salt workers manually collect salt according to traditional methods passed down from generations. Sosalt has a large industrial plant that allows all stages of the process, from washing to drying, in a closed environment to ensure perfect hygienic-sanitary control. In 2013, the company implemented modern packaging lines to meet the growing demand from foreign markets.

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Salt flower, dried lemon peel, green pepper, coriander, garlic






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