Linguine pasta

Celebrated all over the world as an icon of Italian taste, linguine are a famous pasta shape, whose origin is tangled with the tiny streets of Genova. Here linguine is served with the local genovese pesto, a basil based sauce. From Liguria, this pasta has travelled around our country, becoming part of the local culinary tradition, mostly accompanied by fish. At the first glance, linguine totally look like a plate of spaghetti because of the same length, but on a second look, you may notice that linguine have a unique flattened shape. The robust texture of the organic durum wheat semolina gives the pasta an inimitable cooking resistance, exploding with flavour at each forkful.

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Linguine Damigella is the perfect choice to serve on every occasion a tasty and healthy Italian meal. The wheat chosen to produce our pasta is not genetically modified and result of a deep selection among the locally grown wheat such as Senatore Cappelli and other ancient wheats of Sicily i.e Margherito e Perciasacchi. Each grain of wheat is lovingly stone grounded, obtaining a flour rich in fibres including the wheat germ. Bronzed down and dried for 24 to 36 hours, Linguine Damigella are packaged by hand, ready to be the next protagonist of your Italian inspired success!




Organic durum wheat semolina, water. Gluten content, wheat germ.






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