Ustica Lentils


Italy’s smallest legume was born on a tiny island, but it grows with great quality and great taste. Try Ustica lentils with spelt or tomato soup. For creative, protein-packed dishes, make your own homemade lentil burgers!

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Ustica lentils – Slow food, organic

Brown on the outside and orange on the inside, the Ustica lentil is a crop from the small Sicilian Island. Inside, it preserves all the flavours and smells that come from the island’s soil. The Ustica lentil is an excellent food product, both at the table and for cooking. Ready in 40 minutes without soaking, is a useful source of vegetable protein to combat cholesterol. It is grown in limited quantities due to the small amount of land available on the island, and the small-scale organic production is so special that it has been named a Slow Food Presidium.


The Ustica lentil is produced by the farming business Hibiscus, which is attentive to the Sicilian farming tradition and local production. In addition to Ustica lentils, the farm produces wine, oil from the Valli Trapanesi DOP and has set up an ethnographic museum in its farmhouse to pass on the values of the family’s farming tradition to visitors.

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