Ustica Lentils


Ustica Lentils, grown on the island of the same name, are a product of great value and tradition. Thanks to their unique flavour and ease of cooking, they are perfect for a variety of dishes, from classic soups to more innovative recipes. They are ideal for those following a vegetarian diet or seeking a diet rich in protein and iron.

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Ustica lentils – Slow food, organic

These lentils are distinguished by their small size, intense flavour and distinctive aroma released during cooking. Grown in volcanic soil and in a Mediterranean environment, these lentils benefit from organic cultivation and traditional methods that enhance their quality. They require no soaking and cook in less than an hour, maintaining a tender and tasty texture. They are appreciated for their versatility in the kitchen, suitable for soups, side dishes and main courses.

Pagliuzzo farmhouse

Pagliuzzo farmhouse, located on the idyllic island of Ustica, is dedicated to the cultivation of various types of pulses, including the prized Ustica lentils. The Mancuso family, who run the farm, follow organic cultivation methods and traditional manual techniques, respecting the environment and keeping alive a centuries-old tradition. The farm is renowned for its commitment to sustainable, high quality production, recognised through Slow Food’s prestigious ‘Good, Clean and Fair’ award in 2012. In addition, the farm offers an authentic experience to visitors, with the opportunity to learn first-hand about the production of these prized legumes and other typical island products, such as olive oil.

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