Ustica Lentils


Ustica Lentils are a special and genuine ingredient produced by a small local producer named Bio Pagliuzzo. Usually small and tender, the sicilian lentil is an explosion of flavour and pure sicilian scent when paired either to fish or meat. Versatile and genuine is perfect to enhance your vegetarian recipes as well, bringing to your table the essence of our sunny island!

This particular lentil does not need to be soaked in water, but it is ready to cook in cold water that will gently boil until they are ready and soft! Known to be a poor ingredient, the nutritional power of this lentil is what makes it fundamental for the local cuisine, to give you the full taste of Sicily!

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Since 2000 the Ustica Lentil has been a Slow Food Preside, representing the excellence of the sicilian agricultural tradition. This specific lentil produced by Bio Pagliuzzo respecting the natural cycle of the territory and thanks to its peculiarities it gives to the lentil the traditional reddish and brownish color. Harvested following the most ancient and biological techniques, it is a reason of pride for our region and recognised all over the world for being the lentil chosen to be part of the typical diet of an astronaut!

Try it as a soup or serve it with a dish of rice and you will discover a new level of traditional taste! The smart idea? Feel the complete essence of Sicily while serving the traditional ustica lentil soup accompanied by our traditional Nero d’Avola wine, to get a sensory experience that will make you feel as if you were here!

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