Tangerine marmalade

Marchesi San Giuliano

The tangerine marmalade produced by the Marchesi di San Giuliano is a delightful sweet condiment that marries the freshness of the fruit with the sweetness of sugar. Made without the use of pectin, preservatives, thickeners, gluten, and completely organic, it’s the ideal addition to breakfasts, desserts, or as an intriguing component in sauces for meats.

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Sicilian tangerine marmalade – Organic, without pectin

The tangerine marmalade from Marchesi di San Giuliano is characterized by a handcrafted process and a selection of high-quality ingredients. It uses 53g of fruit for every 100g of product, along with 63.5g of total sugars per 100g. The result is a marmalade rich in flavor and consistency, with thin tangerine peels and pulp. Its sweetness pairs perfectly with baked apples, but also as an unexpected accompaniment in sauces for meats. The processing involves hand picking and cutting of the fruit, followed by a soak in cold water and slow cooking enriched with cane sugar. All this leads to a traditionally flavored marmalade, appreciated for its excellent taste and the handcrafted care of every detail. The product is packaged in a 460-gram jar.

Marchesi di San Giuliano

The Agricultural Company of the Marchesi di San Giuliano is located between Catania and Syracuse, in a privileged area of Sicilian agriculture. The company extends for about 250 hectares, of which 50 are dedicated to citrus groves. The first orange trees were planted in the far 800s, and since then the company has continued to grow various types of citrus including oranges, tangerines, lemons, red grapefruits, and nova clementines, along with avocados and olives.

The Marchesi di San Giuliano have been practicing organic farming since 1993, but the first attempts at biological control date back to 1990. Using only organic fertilizer and beneficial insects to keep harmful insects under control, the company produces healthier fruit compared to the past when chemical treatments were used. Today, the company’s agro-ecosystem is in balance, allowing for the production of high-quality fruit.

The company is controlled by Ecogruppo Italia, a control body authorized to certify companies that practice organic farming, ensuring that the agricultural practices of the Marchesi di San Giuliano meet European organic standards.

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