Classic nougat


The classic nougat by Fiasconaro is an exquisite example of Sicilian patisserie, combining tradition and taste in a high-quality artisanal product. Presented in an elegant box with a 150-gram bar of nougat, it is ideal for moments of sweet indulgence or as a refined gift.

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Classic soft nougat – Traditional Sicilian sweet

This soft nougat is made following the ancient tradition of Sicilian patisserie, with a selection of top-quality ingredients, including Sicilian almonds and pistachios. The traditional recipe is blended with artisanal craftsmanship to create a nougat with a soft texture and a rich, enveloping taste. Each bite is a journey through the flavors of the island, featuring Sicilian citrus honey, vanilla, and a selection of dried fruits that give the nougat a distinctive and delicious aromatic profile.


Based in Castelbuono, in the heart of the Madonie Park in Sicily, Fiasconaro is a story of family and passion for high-end patisserie. Started in the 1950s, the company grew under the guidance of brothers Fausto, Martino, and Nicola, sons of founder Mario Fiasconaro. With one eye on tradition and the other on innovation, Fiasconaro has transformed the classic panettone into its flagship product, gaining international acclaim. In addition to panettoni, the company produces a variety of typical Sicilian sweets, including torroni, Easter colombas, and other delicacies. Today, Fiasconaro is recognized for the excellence of its creations, combining quality ingredients, artisanal processing, and a constant commitment to innovation.

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Mandorle di Sicilia (Amygdalus communis L.) (43.8%), zucchero, miele di Sicilia (11.9%), sciroppo di glucosio, pistacchio (Pistacia vera) (3.8%), albume d'uovo, aroma naturale di vaniglia. Copertura di ostia: amido di patata, acqua.




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