Bluefin tuna bottarga 1st choice

Nino Castiglione

Bluefin tuna bottarga, known as the caviar of the Mediterranean, is a prized Sicilian product made from hand-processed and dried tuna eggs. Perfect for a Mediterranean seafood appetiser, bluefin tuna bottarga offers an unparalleled culinary experience.

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Bluefin tuna bottarga 1st choice, Auriga – From Mediterranean Sea, 37.1 Fao zone

Auriga – San Cusumano Selection bluefin tuna bottarga is produced with great care and attention to detail by Nino Castiglione, a Sicilian company that follows a rigorous process handed down from generation to generation. The tuna eggs are hand-processed in Trapani, using the prized local sea salt to obtain a high-quality product. The processing begins with the extraction of the egg-containing pouch from the female tuna, which is then salted to remove moisture. Subsequently, the pouch is pressed and hung to dry in the open air for several days, until dry and hard blocks are obtained, ready to be vacuum-sealed and put on sale.

The eggs come from tuna caught with encircling nets and collecting nets in the Mediterranean Sea, in the FAO 37.1 area, thus ensuring sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing. Rich in omega 3, bluefin tuna bottarga is a healthy and tasty product, with an intense flavour reminiscent of the sea.

It can be used to enhance various dishes, such as spaghetti, bruschetta with oil and tomato, or fish carpaccio, adding a touch of elegance and refinement to your table. The ingredients used are simple and natural: tuna egg and sea salt.

Nino Castiglione

Nino Castiglione is a prestigious company operating in the fishing and tuna processing sector since 1933. Equipped with modern facilities, cutting-edge production plants and quality control laboratories, the company ensures excellent logistical organisation and a fully traceable and certified production process. The company employs 200 local workers who produce the finished product according to the methods of the ancient Sicilian tradition.

Sensitive to the protection of the marine ecosystem, Nino Castiglione adheres to the Dolphin Safe project and has obtained Friend of the Sea certification, which attests to the use of adult tunas caught in non-overexploited basins. In the Italian market, the company distributes the Auriga and Florio brands, expressing all the experience and quality acquired in 80 years of activity. Nino Castiglione’s mission is to combine the ancient local tradition of tuna fishing with innovative production processes, respecting the environment and the dignity of workers.

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