Pistachio panettone


The pistachio panettone by Bonfissuto is a true celebration of the festive season, a traditional sweet that encapsulates the heart of Sicilian pastry. Perfect as a gift or as a centrepiece during the Christmas holidays, this artisanal panettone is an invitation to come together and share moments of joy. Paired with a Sicilian pistachio cream, it becomes a unique sensory experience, to be savoured with every bite or as a delightful after-dinner treat.

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Pistachio panettone covered with white chocolate and pistachios

With a jar of pistachio cream

Created with passion and skill, the Pistachio Panettone by Bonfissuto is a masterpiece of pastry art. The package includes an 800-gram panettone and a 200g jar of Sicilian pistachio cream, both bearing witness to the quality and authentic flavor of the island.

The soft and fragrant heart of the panettone, with egg yolks from free-range hens, is embellished by natural leavening with sourdough starter and enriched with Madagascar vanilla beans. The surface is deliciously covered with white chocolate and decorated with whole pistachios, inviting you to savor the crunchiness of the nuts in contrast with the softness of the dough.

The pistachio cream, with its 30% of selected pistachios, completes the experience, offering a rich and decisive taste, perfect for enhancing each slice of panettone and turning it into a true dessert.


Bonfissuto is a name that embodies the excellence of Sicilian pastry. Giulio and Vincenzo Bonfissuto, with their passion and talent, have carried on the family tradition, blending the legacy of Sicilian pastry art with a breath of modernity. Their story is not marked by centuries of activity but rather by a fervent enthusiasm and knowledge that seems innate and passed down like a family secret.

The Bonfissuto brothers have shaped their professional path by enriching it with years of experience in catering and gastronomy. Their vision translates into a pastry shop that, while remaining true to its origins, knows how to innovate, proposing contemporary interpretations of typical baked sweets, like the Panettone, without ever “offending” the richness of the gastronomic heritage they carry.

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Wheat flour type 0, butter, liquid butter, egg yolk from free-range hens, sugar, honey, fructose, natural sourdough starter (wheat), monotriglycerides of fatty acids, salt, natural enzymes, Madagascar vanilla berries, natural flavours.


Sugar, concentrated butter (99.8%), cocoa butter, whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier lecithin (SOY), whole roasted pistachios.


Sugar, vegetable fat (coconut, sunflower, palm), whole milk powder, white chocolate 10% (whole milk powder, sugar, cocoa butter), skimmed milk powder, lactose, emulsifier lecithin (SOY), flavourings, selected pistachio 30%.






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