Paccheri pasta


Fantasy and taste never go on holiday with the Damigella’s Paccheri. Made from ancient Sicilian grains, Paccheri brings the culinary flair of Southern Italy to your table. This pasta format is so versatile that you can combine them with everything: simple sauces or meat sauce and fish, and you can even try them stuffed with ricotta and spinach, cooking them au gratin in the oven!

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Paccheri pasta – Organic and artisanal

The Damigella’s Paccheri is carefully produced from durum wheat semolina. The company produces pasta using ancient Sicilian grains, rich in fiber, protein, and minerals. The wheat is stone ground, mixed only with water and the pasta is bronze drawn, to give porosity to the surface and allow it to better hold the sauce. Enjoy them because the Damigella’s Paccheri is the tasty format to combine with your preparations.


The love for the ancient grains of Sicily and the care for its products makes Damigella a company that pays attention to the health of its consumers. Organic farming, refinement, and tradition are the values chosen by Damigella for your table.

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Organic durum wheat semolina, water. Gluten content, wheat germ.






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