Sage salt


The sage salt flower from Sosalt’s Re Sale d’Infersa selection is a refined sea salt for table use, ideal for enhancing the flavor of your first courses. The combination of the delicate aroma of sage and the fresh taste of lemon peel makes it a delicious complement to your cuisine.

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Sage salt flower, Re Sale d’Infersa – From Mothia, hand-picked

The sage salt flower is hand-harvested in the salt pans in front of the island of Mothia, taking advantage of the perfect combination of sea, sun, and wind. The salt, which forms as a thin and delicate crust on the surface of the seawater during evaporation, is then enriched with sage and lemon peel, giving the product a distinctive and unique taste. The product is delivered in an elegant reusable glass jar with a cork cap, ensuring optimal preservation of the quality and freshness of the salt.


Sosalt is a company with a long history and tradition in the salt production industry. Founded in 1922 by a group of Trapani entrepreneurs linked to the salt economy, Sosalt was born from the merger of Sies (Italian Salt Export Society) and the original Sosalt in 1989. The company is committed to optimizing the cultivation and harvesting of salt, maintaining strict respect for the natural ecosystem. With salt pans extending over about 800 hectares, Sosalt guarantees a production potential of about 100,000 tons. The salt is harvested manually according to ancient methods, and then processed in their vast industrial plant, ensuring perfect hygienic-sanitary control at all stages of the process. Thanks to these high production standards and the unmatched quality of its products, Sosalt is today a reference point in the salt market both in Italy and Europe.

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Salt flowers, lemon peel, sage






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