We only use the best payment services for our customers, ensuring maximum data security and quick purchasing. We aim to make shopping easy, fast, and secure for our customers.

Amazon Pay

The online payment processing service owned by the renowned Amazon website. The benefit of using Amazon Pay is that you can utilise your existing Amazon account, including shipping details and your credit card, with just a few clicks. Within seconds, you can comfortably complete your purchase.


The most popular online payment service since the inception of online commerce. To pay with Paypal, simply log into their platform and confirm the payment. Paypal withdraws the money from your credit card, your bank account, or directly from your Paypal account. You can also pay using your credit card even if you’re not yet registered on the site, whilst still maintaining the highest security in your purchase.

Stripe – Credit Cards

Stripe is a platform that allows you to pay with all major credit cards with the utmost security. Useful for those who do not wish to leave their data on platforms. Once the payment is made, your credit card information will be deleted from the platform. However, if you wish, you can save your credit card for a quicker purchase on your next order.


Satispay is a highly popular digital payment app in Italy that allows you to make online and in-store payments without using credit cards or cash. With Satispay, you can easily pay using just your smartphone. The app utilises a direct debit system that links your bank account to the application, making payments quick, simple, and secure.


With Klarna, you can choose to pay now, pay later, or even spread the cost of your purchase. It offers various flexible payment options, allowing you to pay for your purchases according to your needs. Klarna is a reliable solution that makes online shopping even simpler and safer.

Bank Transfer

We do not accept payments via bank transfer for online orders. We have made this choice because it slows down the purchasing process. We aim to process and ship orders as quickly as possible. However, if you necessarily want to pay with a bank transfer, please send us an email at support@renda.net with the desired products, and we will do our best to arrange your purchase.