Realmonte salt


Realmonte Salt is a medium-fine whole food salt, extracted from the depths of Sicilian mines. Thanks to the handy sprinkle jar with three different hole sizes, you can easily measure the desired amount of salt for a wide range of dishes, such as legumes, vegetables, sauces, and salads, enhancing the flavour of your meals in a natural and authentic way.

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Realmonte Salt – From mine, integral, medium fine

Guarded for 6 million years in the heart of Sicily and protected from all forms of pollution, Realmonte Salt preserves intact the qualities of the original Mediterranean waters. Extracted from unique underground deposits, this whole salt stands out for its peculiarities related to the characteristics of the territory. Realmonte’s whole grey salt is a low-sodium and high-calcium salt, more flowing and with fewer insoluble elements compared to marine greys. This makes it ideal for use on legumes, vegetables, sauces, and salads, giving an authentic and natural touch to your dishes.


Italkali is a high-quality whole salt producing company, attentive to preserving the natural characteristics of the salt. Their products are not subjected to chemical treatments or bleaching and do not contain added additives. The occasional presence of dark crystals testifies to the naturalness of the product. The Realmonte deposit, located below sea level near the wonderful Scala dei Turchi and Porto Empedocle, also hosts the exclusive cathedral carved in salt, where the miners celebrate mass in honour of Saint Barbara, their patron saint. By choosing Italkali, you will bring to the table a whole and natural salt, the result of tradition and love for the Sicilian territory.

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