Cinnamon chocolate


This cinnamon chocolate bar, available in the traditional red wrapping in the 100 g format, is made by the oldest Modica’s chocolate shop, the Antica Dolceria Bonajuto who preserves the flavor of Modica’s tradition since 1880.
This bar releases sweetness and a strong flavor at the same time typical of the uniqueness of this product.

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Cinnamon chocolate bar – From Modica, artisanal, gluten free

The method of production used by Bonajuto’s Cinnamon Chocolate is known as ‘cold working’ or al freddo, typical of Modica production. Handcrafted for 150 years, the chocolate bar remains pure throughout the production process, with only the addition of cinnamon.

The al Freddo style of chocolate is particularly unique because the cocoa beans are not conched, like modern chocolate. The naturally occurring cocoa butter is distributed throughout the mixture.

Bonajuto’s chocolate contains only cocoa, sugar, and sometimes spices, in this case, the cinnamon.

Antica Dolceria Bonajuto

The beginnings of the production of chocolate from Modica belong to old times, Bonajuto the Old Confectionery, though, still uses the original recipes, both in terms of ingredients and proportions.

Its products masterfully incorporate Mexican production methods imported by Europeans from the American colonies. Bonajuto has courageously handed down the unique technique of processing cocoa beans over the decades, transforming this art that risked extinction into a priceless confectionery heritage.

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Cocoa mass, sugar, cinnamon 0.06%.









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