Pistachio cream


Alicos’ pistachio cream is a sweet and versatile condiment that brings the richness of Sicilian pistachios directly to your kitchen. Perfect for those following vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free diets, this cream stands out for its vibrant green color and its soft, spreadable texture.

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Lactose-free and gluten-free pistachio cream

This pistachio cream, made with 30% selected pistachios, delivers an intense and authentic flavor. The blend of sugar, vegetable oils, cocoa butter, and inulin plant fiber, along with natural colorings, results in a cream with the perfect consistency for enriching desserts, spreading on bread, or as a finishing touch in various culinary preparations. The 100g tube packaging makes the product easy to use and store.


Alicos is a Sicilian family business that celebrates the flavors of its land through high-quality gastronomic products. Rooted in the island’s culinary traditions, Alicos combines passion and innovation to offer taste experiences that take you back in time, amidst the flavors and scents of Sicily. The company’s mission is to provide products that are not only delicious but also healthy, using premium raw materials such as extra virgin olive oil from the Cerasuola variety. The Alicos product range includes preserves, sauces, sweet creams, and much more, also available in organic and vegan variants.

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Pistachio 30%, sugar, vegetable oils (sunflower, extra virgin olive oil in varying proportions), cocoa butter, vegetable fibre Inulin. Colourants (curcumin E100 – chlorophyllin E141)





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