Red prawn elixir

Rosso di Mazara

Dense drops of sea and history to nourish your dishes with flavour. The Mazara Red Prawn elixir is perfect for adding flavour and colour to fish soups, risottos and creams. Try it also with Patisserie. 

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Mazara red prawn elixir – Artisanal product

The intensity and strength of this red Mazara prawn extract recall the marine notes and persistent taste of the crustacean in emulsion. The Elisir, with its intense red colour, blends sunflower oil and red prawns for a result that is strong in essence and soft in texture. The elixir allows you to try out a variety of contrasting combinations and flavor dishes of all kinds with the saltiness and unique aroma of a fine ingredient.

Rosso di Mazara

The Rosso di Mazara company has been processing the red shrimp of Mazara del Vallo for about 100 years, with the same love for the sea and care for its production. Each product preserves the family tradition and recalls all the memories kept between the sea and culinary experimentation.

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Sunflower oil, dehydrated red prawn (aristaeomorpha foliacea – caught with trawls in the central Mediterranean Sea Ionian Sea area – fao 37.2.2 and other divisions thereof).





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